Love Academy is a platform that uses the energy of love as an axis for human evolution. We promote knowledge and create experiences for a global community of enthusiasts of the art of living.

This axis generated by the energy of love rotates on itself and spins all our essential pillars:

The Self

We are but the sum of these vibrations, that is our core.

In everything we promote we seek to sustain the energy of love and explore all the vibrations that conform it, we do so by analyzing their frequencies, through knowledge and designed experiences that invite us to incarnate them fully.

We create workshops, conferences, community gatherings, group or private sessions, we provide content. We are an academy in which there is no graduation structure. We incarnate an ongoing process supported by curiosity; it is all about learning for life. There are no scores, everybody goes at their own personal rhythm, the frequencies we experiment generate a resonance that attract participants according to the needs of each person. We are each a unique combination of resonating atoms.


We offer a whole series of frequencies that feed our vibratory pillars so we can expand the energy of love in each one of us. The campus is life.

We choose as classrooms vortexes that we consider have powerful energy like Tulum, Bali, Tepoztlán, Sedona, and Mexico City amongst others.

Our Community

It is composed by Amplifiers & Catalysts, familiar spirits who are curious about life and want to know how to make the most of it. The balance is created through an exquisite selection of catalysts and a wide variety of amplifiers.


We work with a wide selection of international teachers, practices, and institutes that rotate on the different frequencies we want to strengthen as Love Academy pillars. They are all experts constantly evolving. We select mentors working with the most amazing technologies, those who provoke groundbreaking experiences. We partner with doctors, healers, musicians, experts in movement, poets, shamans, yoga experts, amongst others, all from a wide variety of contexts dedicated to share their cutting-edge knowledge. We work both with the material world and the subtle one, and above all open ourselves to discover the essence of human evolution.

Our members are Amplifiers with a drive for life, those who take pleasure and responsibility in inspiring others. Leaders with the possibility to amplify the energy of love in their circles. We want to resonate with mind/heart kindred members who are passionate, like us, about multiplying the energy of love to create a better society. We search for open hearts, beyond borders and nationalities, agents of change that lead by example, those who inspire us to live a better life for the world we inhabit.


Our Observation

The frequencies that we share are always with the intention of provoking an energy adjustment at a vibratory level that amplifies the energy of love with our members, and thus in their environments. We curate both, Catalysts we work with and the Amplifiers of our experiences to achieve greater impact, ensuring that what has been learned will be shared with as many beneficiaries as possible. Love is the most powerful energy to cultivate and harvest.


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